The Evolution of My Logo

I tasked my artist Nick to create a Logo for my company, Pet Alligator Games. I think it’s important to make the company look professional and interesting; a logo is a great way to start. Also, I still haven’t finalized all the components to Dog Swap yet, but I was eager to get some cool art in the meantime. Nick’s done plenty of logo art before so I knew I would get something great.

My idea was to get an illustration of a gator acting like a dog. Here are the preliminary sketches I was given. PastedGraphic-6.png

I liked things from both of these sketches. I preferred the pose of the gator that looks like a begging puppy. But I liked the typeface of the other logo and the 3/4 angle of the gator head. I also liked the gator with his mouth open and with a collar and tag. The aspects I liked were put together in this second black and white sketch (below).


Nick cleaned it up (below), added color and changed some of the font to make it look less dense. I loved the flip of the tail he added. I also suggested the lettering be sized down a bit so that it doesn’t overwhelm the gator.


At this stage it was still a drawing. The last step was to vectorize it. Also, I asked to add pupils to the gator. Below is the final version of my logo. I’m so incredibly happy with the product and I look forward to using it often!



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