Making My Game (Part 3)

So it’s been a month or so since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy with the game and I think I’ve made some great progress.

Here is what I’ve been up to and I’m excited to share what’s been going on:

  1. Formed an LLC
  2. Hired an Artist
  3. Created Version 6 of my game (Now titled Dog Swap)


Last Month, I visited the County Clerk and formed my company: Pet Alligator Games.  If you are looking to form a business, I recommend this article

There are a few different kinds of businesses you could form. I chose an LLC because a company (rather than a sole proprietorship) gives me some benefits such as a more official look, separates my person from the business and allows me to add members in the future. Forming an LLC is also relatively cheap (in comparison to a corporation)

Here’s the process I went through to form a business in Virginia.

  1. Research: Before going to the courthouse, find what you need to do to form your company. In Virginia, you can create your LLC online for ~$100!
  2. Pick a name: You will need to pick a name that has not been taken. Forming your LLC name is easy: Just use [your name], LLC. For example, my LLC is Benjamin Shever, LLC. The hard part is finding a Trade Name. A Trade Name is like an alias for your company and you have to legally link it to your LLC to do business under it. I picked “Pet Alligator Games.”
  3. After forming my LLC and picking a trade name, I visited the courthouse to file some trade name paperwork, get a business zoning permit and apply for my Employee Identification Number on
  4. Still to do: Register my business in Virginia. Pet Alligator Games (I believe) will have to pay three forms of taxes: County (regarding taxes on the items I buy for my business), state and federal.

The people at the courthouse were extremely helpful and I steps 2 and 3 I accomplished there. It’s not too difficult, but expect to spend 3 hours moving between offices and filing lots of paperwork.

So, welcome to Pet Alligator Games.



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