“Dog Swap” Print-and-Play


Follow the links below to download the Rules and Pieces to Dog Swap.

Print and cut out the cards. Have fun and thank you!

Note: It is important you cannot see through the cards when holding them in your hand. If you have access to thicker paper, that is recommended. Your local printing store (Staples, OfficeMax, FedEx, etc.) offers extremely cheap deals to print on cardstock.

You will also need 20 small pieces of 5 different colors (4 pieces of each color). You can different sized coins, colored buttons/beads, for example.




2 thoughts on ““Dog Swap” Print-and-Play

  1. The pun is so goddam amazing it is the best reason that I came here.
    Some obvious tips?
    Upgrade graphics (like Coup-style?). When cards are made- make them on card stock/plastic and have them be rounded. (leashes can be coins)
    There are a lot of pieces- maybe remove some easy bonuses and add harder ones?

    I like this Dog-gone game already. Please let us know when it is ready


    • Hi Square,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m actually in the middle of updating the rules and components to the game. I hope to have them uploaded by the end of the weekend.

      All of the components, cards, etc. will be handled by an artist and graphic designer before the game is released. I hope to make another post on this blog also by this weekend. If you hit the “Follow” button on the homepage I believe you will receive updates on the blog and game.

      Please stay in touch Square!


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