Making My Game (Part 1)

A month ago I began brainstorming ideas for my first board game. I have been a gamer my entire life and to my family I’m known as that guy who always wants to host a game night.

I came up with a concept that is a mix between a hand-management card game and a large board game with tons of moveable pieces. The theme was dog walking – every player was on a mission to become the most successful dog walker in the neighborhood adopting dogs and then walking them for a profit.

My brother and I (pictured below, with my Fiance) spent an entire weekend constructing the game. And if you’re an older brother like I am, you know what it’s like to have a younger brat, I mean brother. It’s like having a dog – if you want them to do a trick you have to give them treats every step of the way or they get bored and leave.


Anyway, the game was done but it was too late to playtest that night and in the morning I was flying back to Virginia (my family is from Florida).

In the next few weeks, I playtested the game by myself, with Angelica and with a friend who came to visit. During that time, the game changed dramatically. Basically, the entire “board game” part was chucked and I was left with a card game centered around bidding and collecting points. I texted my brother this news and he was shocked to hear that all “his hard work” was trashed. *Rolls eyes*

In the meantime, I was really contemplating on how I would actually sell my game (which didn’t have a name yet) once it was completed. Would I try to contact a big publishing company and blackmail them into adopting my game? I imagined myself calling the toll-free number on KOSMOS’s website and asking for Reiner Knizia himself.

Then I came across this guy – Jamey Stegmaier, a cat lover (pictured below).


Ya, and he’s also a board game designer who used Kickstarter to publish his own board games – with major success! His website is a trove of information regarding how to enter the gaming world, publishing games and building a community. He also wrote a book about it and I bought it.

As of two weeks, I’ve been learning all about becoming your own game publisher and it’s fascinating. In the meantime, I’m also playtesting my game concept with friends.

Do you have any ideas for board games? Have you thought about constructing it or even publishing? 😮


-Beni Shever



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